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From 25/03 to 28/03YourMood Kite Cup NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 29/03 to 02/04PKRA Maroc : Dakhla NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 23/04 to 28/04PKRA France NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 16/05 to 22/05Slider Party NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 04/06 to 10/06Triple S Invitational NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 22/06 to 26/06PKRA Cabarete NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 25/06 to 26/06BimBeach Saison II, épisode 1 NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 06/07 to 10/07PKRA Maroc : Essaouira NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 02/08 to 06/08PKRA Fuerteventura NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 20/08 to 28/08PKRA Allemagne NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 14/09 to 18/09PKRA Brésil NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 19/10 to 28/10KSP Peru NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 23/11 to 27/11PKRA Nouvelle Calédonie NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 05/12 to 11/12PKRA Australie NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
From 05/12 to 12/12Wind or No Wind Board Jam NEWSVIDEOSPHOTOS
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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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