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Country : Spain / Town :

Airush, J&B Street, Mas Movil, Ion

Alex Pastor
17 Juillet 15h49
Airush: AP Boots
Hot hot from the oven! Airush now offers closed toe boots made for kiteboarding, in their 2015 lineup! The AP boot, brand...
16 Juillet 16h46
Airush Livewire 2015
We'll now take a look into the 2015 Airush Showroom, starting with the Livewire...
16 Juillet 16h26
2015 Airush Team Series video teaser
The 2015 gear season is in full effect, and after seeing Slingshot's new gear on Monday, it's now Airush's turn to join the...
24 Mars 14h59
PKRA Dakhla : Freestyle Results
Seasons pass and some things change on the PKRA...
20 Mars 23h46
PKRA Dakhla : Freestyle presentation and Wave results
The PKRA party is back on track and this time they headed for the Moroccan desert, in Dakhla...
14 Mars 02h32
Stance Digital Mag #6 - Online now!
Everybody loves Fridays: last day before the weekend, Miss Stance...
10 Mars 12h58
Alex Pastor : Follow Your Passion part 1 and 2
Just before getting a bad shoulder injury in Panama, Alex Pastor was a very healthy boy who, just like all his kite colleagues,...
22 Février 22h22
Alex Pastor: Bad Injury
The 2014 injury festival started early this year, in Panama, and started strong with no other than the world champion himself....
10 Janvier 12h18
King of the Air - coming up in 2 weeks!
January is officially Megaloop and high jumps months...
06 Janvier 15h50
Andre Magarao: Stuff I've seen
Photographers and videographers get to see pretty awesome things in their line of work, and we couldn't be happier when they...
17 Décembre 16h20
Alex Pastor: Red Deck
The bomba of the week! A-Pizzle (*Alex Pastor's gangsta name) and photographer/videographer Andre Magarao just dropped a...
13 Décembre 11h46
Carlos Mario - Lagoa do Cauipe 2013
You might not have hear that name many times before, but if you followed the last stop of the PKRA in Argentina, you sure...
12 Novembre 14h48
PKRA China: Double Elimination Video
After the clips from the single elimination, we were obviousy going to see the ones from the double, it's logic! Discover...
07 Novembre 15h57
PKRA China: Single Elimination Video
Aaaah finally some images of our PKRA riders' adventures in Haikou! Discover the chinese blue sky, the flat water and especially...
05 Novembre 17h06
PKRA 2013: the Happy Ending
Here we are, we now have the name of our two new Freestyle World Champions for 2013...

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