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Country : Barbados / Town :

Cabrinha, Kaenon sunglasses, NPX wetsuits

Andre Phillip
02 Avril 05h00
Dre Solo Session from Above
Some people really live in paradise...
07 Mars 02h06
KTA 2014 Round 3 : Phillipines - Boracay Island Extreme
The third and last stop of the 2014 Kite Tour Asia took place about ten days ago in Boracay...
22 Février 23h05
Tommy Gaunt : Two Trick Session - Part 2
Two tricks in one session, we have to admit, isn't that much...
15 Janvier 02h47
Slingshot team: Dark Skies, Bright Hearts
The video of the day is brought to you by Slinghshot and their crazy team of riders...
10 Janvier 11h36
With a Kite : Official Trailer
If you heard of With a Kite, it means you are as excited as we are about this...
23 Décembre 15h09
2014 Slingshot Apparel: look fresh for the new year
New year = new you?  Well then you sure need some new gear, may be a new haircut and for sure new clothes! Slingshot...
16 Septembre 12h27
ACL Digital Cinema: 2013 Red Epic Reel
Elliott Leboe is a name some of you already know, especially if you have been in kiteboarding long enough to remember the...
06 Juin 11h49
Triple S : Riders Highlights videos
01 Mai 15h07
James Boulding: Change
The last year have seen the biggest shuffle of pro-riders and sponsors the industry has probably even seen...
18 Mars 23h53
The 2013 Triple S Invitational Riders list is out!
The Triple S list of invited riders is out! This year, not 25 but 50  riders are invited to compete in the biggest...
17 Janvier 14h39
12-12-12 in Antigua
Sometimes, simpler is better...
07 Décembre 12h44
The Cup is Half Full: early season Snowkite adventure
It's that time of the year again where the videos from Brasil stop coming in and we're starting to see more white in the...
20 Novembre 12h32
Virgin Kite Jam 2012
Just like any good ol' american event, the Virgin Kite Jam is big, it's shiny and it creates envy...
05 Novembre 20h14
Maui Kicks: Wakeskate sessions with Dre and Jason Stone
Could we seriously ask for a better combo to show the wonders of wakeskating? Jason Stone, Cabrinha's master wakeskater had...
25 Octobre 17h57
From Carpet and Windmills: a North West trip
No crazy tricks, but some pretty amazing landscapes in this video by Will Taggart...

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Stance Digital #6
Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6

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