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Wainman Hawai, Dakine, Oxbow

Bertrand Fleury
20 Mars 00h12
Bertrand Fleury : changement de crémerie
Hop hop hop, another switcharoo just happened, and this time it's a wave rider that was touched by the virus...
10 Janvier 11h36
With a Kite : Official Trailer
If you heard of With a Kite, it means you are as excited as we are about this...
02 Décembre 18h24
Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen : INDOKITECAMP
06 Septembre 19h28
Wainman Hawaii : Smoke 9m Rabbit Kite
Bretrand Fleury sure seems convinced of his 9m Wainman smoke on some of the best waves in the world...
21 Aout 18h17
Bertrand Fleury in Morocco
Bertrand Fleury left his perfect indonesian wave garden behind for a moment and went to check out the rollers in Occidental...
25 Avril 12h16
Bertrand Fleury : INDO WAVES EXPLORED - Part 2
Here's the second chapter of Bertrand Fleury's adventures in Indo...
11 Avril 11h51
Bertrand Fleury : INDO WAVES EXPLORED - Part 1
Another little trip in Indo with Bertrand Fleury! The Wainman Hawaii  rider brings us once again in his little paradise,...
11 Mars 13h40
Bertrand Fleury : Indo Perfection
If you want to shred the wave and throw buckets like Bertrand, there's only one thing to do: train, train, train...
31 Octobre 16h12
Wainman Hawaii : Sicily Cruzin 2.0
The Wainman family decided to to flap their wings (or bunny ears) in Sicily last summer...
27 Septembre 15h00
Wainman Hawaii : Maui Cruzin 2.0
Feeling Hothothot! Wainman Hawaii brings us their new video, Maui Cruizin 2...
31 Juillet 12h58
Wainman Hawaii : Maui Cruzin 2.0 teaser
How nice is it to start the day with beautiful images...
11 Mai 10h40
Bertrand Fleury in Morocco
Moulay Bouzargtoune… the name might be nearly unpronounceable for most of us, but that didn’t scare Bertrand...
25 Avril 15h52
Dakhla Magnum with Bertrand Fleury
Dakhla is well known for its lagoon, but on the other side of the peninsula there is also a sick wave spot...
08 Mars 16h49
Wave Clinics in Indo, with Bertrand and Tuva
If you are dreaming to learn proper wave riding, taught by an expert, in one of the most paradise-like places on earth: here...
27 Mai 12h58
Stance Magazine : New Teaser !!!
Wo Wo Wo ! Right everybody, listen it : the teaser of the last Stance Magazine issue is just coming out, and for sure, you...

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