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Mystic, Red Bull, Airush

Bruna Kajiya
24 Mars 14h59
PKRA Dakhla : Freestyle Results
Seasons pass and some things change on the PKRA...
24 Mars 01h29
Bruna Kajiya: Back to Business
We all know it, an injury is a tough hit...
23 Février 00h07
PKRA Panama : Biggest moments SINGLES start & TRIALS
For all those who are very or even just a little interested in the PKRA adventures, here are the first few images of 2014...
06 Janvier 15h50
Andre Magarao: Stuff I've seen
Photographers and videographers get to see pretty awesome things in their line of work, and we couldn't be happier when they...
03 Décembre 15h54
Airush #ONEMORE: Bear Karry and the wave riding crew
The Airush #ONEMORE move might have come out a while ago, we don't get tired of seeing the individual parts from their riders....
20 Novembre 16h54
Breddas : at Wake-A-Lot
After yesterday's good dose of feminine shredding, let's go back to some more long hair, but on the boy side of things...
19 Novembre 17h07
Airush #Onemore: Bruna Kajiya's part
Since it seems to be a perfect day for sick girl riding videos...
01 Novembre 15h10
Dioneia Vieira : Back Edge
Girls also deserve their slow motions video, especially when they are talented like this girl! Dioneia Vieira  is the...
16 Octobre 13h21
Mystic : Under the Surface
19 Aout 14h01
Bruna Kajiya: AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year Award
Another girl in the running for the Kiteboarder of the Year Award: Bruna Kajiya...
02 Aout 12h47
PKRA Fuerteventura : single elimination recap and results
The days go by but every one is different in Fuerteventura...
26 Juillet 16h57
Estefania Rosa : Sequence 2
We often talk about the crazy high level of the Brazilian guys in the kite world, and we often talk about the Brazilian girls...
26 Juillet 16h45
PKRA Germany : Double Elimination Video
And it's a start for the last video part of this excruciatingly long stop of the PKRA in Germany...
22 Juillet 15h18
The Kite Show Episode 10
Here's a "little" 50 minute video, perfect for fill your Monday lunch break! In this KiteShow, Youri Zoon and Ruben...
16 Juillet 13h42
Airush : OneMORE Movie
Here it is, the video we were waiting for by Airush! Their concept this year is to present one by onte their riders from...

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Stance Digital #6
Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6

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