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Mystic, Red Bull, Airush

Bruna Kajiya
21 Avril 18h10
Sirens Of The Desert
How would you like to see some of the PKRA sirens dance to the sounds of oriental music? Bruna Kajiya, Annabel Van Westerop...
24 Mars 14h59
PKRA Dakhla : Freestyle Results
Seasons pass and some things change on the PKRA...
24 Mars 01h29
Bruna Kajiya: Back to Business
We all know it, an injury is a tough hit...
23 Février 00h07
PKRA Panama : Biggest moments SINGLES start & TRIALS
For all those who are very or even just a little interested in the PKRA adventures, here are the first few images of 2014...
06 Janvier 15h50
Andre Magarao: Stuff I've seen
Photographers and videographers get to see pretty awesome things in their line of work, and we couldn't be happier when they...
03 Décembre 15h54
Airush #ONEMORE: Bear Karry and the wave riding crew
The Airush #ONEMORE move might have come out a while ago, we don't get tired of seeing the individual parts from their riders....
20 Novembre 16h54
Breddas : at Wake-A-Lot
After yesterday's good dose of feminine shredding, let's go back to some more long hair, but on the boy side of things...
19 Novembre 17h07
Airush #Onemore: Bruna Kajiya's part
Since it seems to be a perfect day for sick girl riding videos...
01 Novembre 15h10
Dioneia Vieira : Back Edge
Girls also deserve their slow motions video, especially when they are talented like this girl! Dioneia Vieira  is the...
16 Octobre 13h21
Mystic : Under the Surface
19 Aout 14h01
Bruna Kajiya: AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year Award
Another girl in the running for the Kiteboarder of the Year Award: Bruna Kajiya...
02 Aout 12h47
PKRA Fuerteventura : single elimination recap and results
The days go by but every one is different in Fuerteventura...
26 Juillet 16h57
Estefania Rosa : Sequence 2
We often talk about the crazy high level of the Brazilian guys in the kite world, and we often talk about the Brazilian girls...
26 Juillet 16h45
PKRA Germany : Double Elimination Video
And it's a start for the last video part of this excruciatingly long stop of the PKRA in Germany...
22 Juillet 15h18
The Kite Show Episode 10
Here's a "little" 50 minute video, perfect for fill your Monday lunch break! In this KiteShow, Youri Zoon and Ruben...

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Stance Magazine 57
Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57

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