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North, Ion,QUicksilver, Popkite

Cesar Portas
06 Juin 12h53
Stance Trip : Martinique c'est chic!
A part of the Stance team decided to go spend a few weeks in the warm waters of Martinique with a some of the best pros out...
30 Avril 11h53
Cesar Portas: Home Spot
Barcelona isn't only great for its never ending party night and the warm blooded spaniards...
27 Décembre 15h52
Cesar Portas : LEDS
Since Christmas Lights are very much in season right now, it's normal for riders like Cesar Portas who don't have a house...
02 Juillet 13h58
Cesar Portas: Slim Chance
Cesar Portas keeps going with his little index of kite tricks, this time with the Slim Chance...
26 Juin 13h29
Cesar Portas : Low Mobe
Cesar Portas shares a bit of his repertoire once again with a nice little low mobe this time...
20 Juin 12h07
Cesar Portas : Doube S-Bend blind
When will we see triple S-Bend Pass? Meanwhile, we'll just settle for a double...

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19 Avril 14h36

What if we started the day with a good news? The end of the world can happen now, the new Stance Digital number 3  is...
14 Janvier 13h20
Cesar Portas : Don't touch my Vegas
Cesar Portas is back ! The Spanish stud finally got over his shoulder injury and went to celebrate the good news in...
06 Décembre 14h26
Cesar Portas : Tough Year, full video
After seeing the teaser a little while ago,now is time for the full movie! Cesar Portas, the Spanish stallion from North...
29 Juin 13h10
North Team: The Fuerteventura episode
The North team often makes it to the Canary Islandsfor kiting , and it seem to have become a very special place for Tom Court,...
29 Mai 19h39
Cesar Portas : backroll board off
Cesar Portas gives us his best grin while doing a big backroll board off...
27 Mars 20h32
PKRA Dakhla: T-1
Here we are, in the middle of dunes and camels, where man stopped building and nature is taking over the job (First Dakhla...
09 Mars 17h38
They are youngs, they are strongs, they are hots!!!!!!
Wind Will Gravity Pro Tour 2011 is a trip on the west coast of the kangaroos paradise...
16 Février 14h07
Australia by Cesar Portas
09 Décembre 15h29
La pura vida por Cesar Portas de la vegas
Nice smile, nice kiteboarding level! Girls love him, boys cannot hate him...

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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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