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Country : Spain / Town :

2010 : 12 th PKRA 2009 : junior world Champion

Flexifoil, Masmovil, Kitaadict, Shapes, Dock11

I am a Pro kiteboarder since 2009, I have been competing for 4 years travelling the world and experiencing an awesome lifestyle, I started filming and making my movies 2 years ago when my sponsors were asking for some video exposure, i got hocked very fast with it, now i am travelling together with the COR crew getting some awesome images in some of the best places around the world.
My style is Freestyle and Wakestyle.

Forest Bakker
22 Juillet 12h14
Wainman Hawaii: Eyes
The eyes are back, and we sure know where they're looking in this video!  Forest Bakker, newly Wainman rider, is back...
12 Juin 10h15
Tarifa Kite Masters 2014 : Results and Video
There were some big names once again this year at the Tarifa Kite Masters...
30 Avril 11h28
Another Point of View : Latino America trippin'
We showed you the trailer a few days ago, here's now the real deal, the full first episode of Another Point of View...
19 Décembre 15h25
Another point of view: Latino America trip
What do we smell here? It's the smell of a new web series from the talented Forest Bakker and his friend the Frenchie Julien...
21 Octobre 18h16
One Year by Forest Bakker
A lot of things can happen in a year, especially when you're a pro rider and you find a great way to destroy your knee...
18 Juin 11h06
Ride Clash - Stars shine together
Ride Clash is a brand that makes a (very good) point to impress us visually every time they release a video...
15 Juin 14h38
Forest Bakker : Backmobe 5
Here's a very popular trick amongst the pros right now: the lowmobe 5...
17 Avril 10h37
Forest Bakker : 39 seconds in Dakhla
Forest Bakker shares with us 39 seconds of his trip at the PKRA Dakhla...
12 Avril 19h32
Clash: Interview with Forest Bakker
A bit crazy, a bit silly, quite artsy, fully rock'n'roll ad invented by passionate people: that's how we can describe Clash,...
16 Janvier 14h49
Clash Video: Color your Life!
The board brand Clash and its leader Alvaro Onieva are going all or nothing when it comes to quality...
13 Novembre 20h37
Forrest Bakker: Drop it
You might have heard of the Riders Match contest, Trick'N'Chicks, which has been going on for a little while now...
01 Juin 12h29
Ride Clash: For the riders by the riders
Some riders, anarchist by nature, decided to say F- the system and to do what they wanted...
29 Mars 22h55
PKRA Dakhla : Day 1
On Tuesday, we were talking about the people who wouldn’t make it to the PKRA but today, at the time where the registration...
10 Octobre 23h00
Red Bull's revival of the battle of Trafalgar
Who does remember Trafalgar nowadays ? We vaguely know that this is something important, but we don't really know whether...
01 Juin 11h43
The World in Progress: Forest Bakker's beautiful story
Do you feel like improving yourself together with a young, smart and talented lad, whose psychological maturity has just...

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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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