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Gisela Pulido
24 Mars 14h59
PKRA Dakhla : Freestyle Results
Seasons pass and some things change on the PKRA...
07 Mars 13h31
A day with Gisela Pulido BABY-G
Have you ever dreamt of being in a world champion's shoes for a couple minutes? Well Baby G gives you a little taste...
23 Février 00h07
PKRA Panama : Biggest moments SINGLES start & TRIALS
For all those who are very or even just a little interested in the PKRA adventures, here are the first few images of 2014...
28 Novembre 15h45
Gisela Pulido : 9 x PKRA World Champion
12 Novembre 14h48
PKRA China: Double Elimination Video
After the clips from the single elimination, we were obviousy going to see the ones from the double, it's logic! Discover...
11 Novembre 16h02
Stance Interview: A chat with Gisela Pulido, 2013 Freestyle World Champion
Winning a World Title must be something absolutely incredible...
05 Novembre 17h06
PKRA 2013: the Happy Ending
Here we are, we now have the name of our two new Freestyle World Champions for 2013...
04 Novembre 15h08
PKRA Hainan: Lifestyle video and single elimination results
The PKRA riders are decidedly in full China mode right now...
29 Octobre 13h53
PKRA China: Winkowska vs Pulido finals
And what about the girls? They may not have been the people who made the most noise at the latest PKRA event, but the chicas...
25 Octobre 15h54
Gisela Pulido : Late Mobe
22 Octobre 17h06
PKRA China: Christophe Tack dominates Day 1
And it's a start for the 6th out of 8 freestyle events of the 2013 PKRA season! Almost all of the top riders made it to...
19 Septembre 11h17
BEST GP 2014: Change
Here is a kite made for champions! In 2014 more than ever, BEST makes their GP  a high performance competition kite....
17 Septembre 15h59
Julia Rick: Home
Wakeboard lovers, open your eyes and don't worry for your ego: this girl is probably not human...
07 Aout 09h41
PKRA Fuerteventura : Recap, result and videos of the double elimination
We thouht we had seen the worse wind conditions during the single elimination in Fuerteventura, but the spot of Sotavento is...
02 Aout 12h47
PKRA Fuerteventura : single elimination recap and results
The days go by but every one is different in Fuerteventura...

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Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57

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