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Liquid Force, Bern, Sutsu, Bawbags

James Boulding
17 Avril 12h38
James Boulding: The Golden Glow - Video and Interview
Do wakestyle videos have to be gangsta all the time? No! It can also be pretty inspiring and mellow, and be just as...
16 Avril 04h42
James Boulding : How not to hit a kicker...
"Do as I say, not as I do"...
05 Avril 11h58
The FreeRide Project 2 : A Proper Kite movie
A promise is a promise: here's the second time of the Brit Boys' adventures around the world...
02 Avril 01h24
Cabrinha : The Road North
Cabrinha gets the big guns out: time for a trip in New Zealand for 13 beautiful minutes...
29 Mars 05h45
FreeRide Project 2 : Movie Trailer
Watch out, they're coming in hot! The Freeride Project Tome 2 is coming to you soon, and here's the teaser to make you froth...
26 Février 04h20
Lift Off : A Waterlust Film
Alright let's be open minded here for a second (ok, but just a tiny little bit)...
13 Novembre 18h37
Alberto Rondina: Toto Si
Riding on fire? Only the Italians can have such silly ideas! Albert Rondina, gets creative in this video directed...
11 Novembre 13h34
BeeKiteCamp: RAIL MASTERS 2013
Want to get pumped up for your day? We have the perfect solution for you: The 2013 Rail Masters' video, featuring your favorite...
24 Octobre 14h56
James Boulding : Pipe Dreams in Egypt
Things have been very difficult for a lot of people in Egypt lately...
08 Octobre 16h36
Controlled Chaos: Kiting in Sardinia
One little Skype call, a plane ticket and a few hundred miles are all it takes to bring James Boulding  to go meet...
20 Septembre 17h13
Freeride Project 2 : From Russia with love
When our favorite Brit crew go on a riding trip in Russia, the result can only be good!! Aaron Hadlow, Sam Light, James Boulding...
06 Septembre 12h28
Stance kiteboarding magazine digital #4 LIVE NOW
And the moment you were waiting for is here:  The new issue of Stance Kiteboarding Digital magazine is now...
22 Aout 14h06
2013 Rail Masters: the results
We don't have much material to show you about the Rail Masters, the wakestyle event that just took place in Russia...
12 Aout 11h32
Rail Masters 2013 : T minus 3
Next boot-wearing event of the summer? The Rail Masters! From August 15 to 25, in Russia,  will take place what is becoming...
16 Juillet 14h55
Rail Masters 2013 : August 15 to 25
From August 15th to 25, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding are all going to Russia for the Rail Masters....

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Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57Stance Magazine 57

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