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Wainman Hawai

Niccolo Porcella
27 Novembre 16h30
Niccolo Porcella sacrifices once again to make the water tremble under his stomped tricks...
23 Novembre 20h28
Cabrinha KSP Maui 2013 - Day 1
No wind yet, but a great vibe at Ho'okipa at the moment! The riders seem pumped, the forecast is looking very good for the...
21 Novembre 15h29
Cabrinha KSP Maui : List of riders
Today is a big day in Maui: it is the start of the last KSP stop of the year, fully supported by Cabrinha...
07 Novembre 15h53
Wainman Hawaii: Niccolo Porcella and Mr.Green
The years go by but Niccolo Porcella stays what he always has been: a very talented rider...
29 Juillet 14h12
Wainman Hawaii : already 5 years!
Time for the cake and candles! Wainman Hawaii is now 5 years old and launches, for the occasion, a limited edition kite...
18 Mars 23h53
The 2013 Triple S Invitational Riders list is out!
The Triple S list of invited riders is out! This year, not 25 but 50  riders are invited to compete in the biggest...
31 Octobre 16h12
Wainman Hawaii : Sicily Cruzin 2.0
The Wainman family decided to to flap their wings (or bunny ears) in Sicily last summer...
27 Septembre 15h00
Wainman Hawaii : Maui Cruzin 2.0
Feeling Hothothot! Wainman Hawaii brings us their new video, Maui Cruizin 2...
31 Juillet 12h58
Wainman Hawaii : Maui Cruzin 2.0 teaser
How nice is it to start the day with beautiful images...
05 Juin 15h19
Wainman Warm Up
All eyes are on the Triple S this week, and we know why! This year, the Wainman riders Niccolo Porcella and Chris Burke made...
10 Avril 18h17
Niccolo Porcella rides Jaws
Niccolo Porcella rarely does things half way...
13 Mars 19h14
2012 Triple S Invited Riders List
The biggest kite event in North America is BACK! The Triple S will officially be happening from June 2nd to 8th, with a brand...
12 Juillet 11h49
RoSham ThrowDown, D-1
Tomorrow will starting the RoSham ThrowDown, until the 17th...
16 Mars 12h40
Ladies, Niccolo is THE wonderfull man
Niccolo Porcella is awesome : boots, sliders, strapless, waves, muscles...

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