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World Champion 1983-87 (Pre PWA) Wave results: 1997 Ranked 2nd 1996 Ranked 6th 1998 Ranked 4th World Champion 88,89,91

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16 Avril 13h26
Paul Serin : Coche Paradise, video and interview
The French Champion, Paul Serin, went to Venezuela last winter for a couple good reasons: get blonder hair and ride some...
14 Avril 19h45
Davey Blair : BLOWN OUT
Even though Cape Hatteras is known to be a wakestyle mecca, it doesn't take away the fact that is is one of the best surf...
24 Mars 14h40
Naish Kiteboarding : Welcome to 2014/15
New season, new gear, new fun clips...
14 Mars 02h32
Stance Digital Mag #6 - Online now!
Everybody loves Fridays: last day before the weekend, Miss Stance...
05 Mars 08h21
Félix Gourdeau : South Africa 2013
A new South African trip, this time coming from our Quebec friend and Naish rider Félix Gourdeau...
11 Février 06h30
Ewan Jaspan : All Over OZ
Of course, when you live in Australia, the "winter months" don't have quite the same signification than in the Northern Hemisphere....
04 Février 02h36
WIN a 2014 Naish Trip Kite!
Here’s your chance to win the 2014 Naish Trip! The Trip is an innovative, no strut design that can be summarized...
04 Février 01h52
Dirty Habits: King of the Air riders interview
The Dirty Habit Team decided to shake things up a bit just before the event everyone was waiting for this year, the Red Bull...
22 Janvier 00h00
Eyeforce : Showreel
And the Video of the Day award goes to...
10 Janvier 11h36
With a Kite : Official Trailer
If you heard of With a Kite, it means you are as excited as we are about this...
13 Décembre 12h39
Jesse Richman: conference at LeWeb
The pro riders are starting to make a lot of noise outside of the kiteboarding world: a couple days ago, Naish Kiteboarding rider...
12 Décembre 16h07
2014 Naish Alana - Action Video
The girls are definitely starting to take more place in the kite world and brands are quick to understand...
05 Décembre 15h12
Naish Kiteboarding : 2014 Park
New season + new collection = new video! Naish  brings us to dicover the 2014 Park, a kite built for all types of riding...
04 Décembre 13h49
2014 Naish Antic Review by REAL Watersports
You want to know more about the newest wakestyle board by Naish Kiteboarding? Don't move! Pete Hardie  from REAL Watersports...
27 Novembre 16h21
NKTV S03E00 : Season 3 Wrap Up
The end of the year always brings us to look back at the highlights moments of the past year and Naish Kiteboarding takes...

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Stance Digital #6
Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6Stance Digital #6

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