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Ruben Lenten
14 Mai 17h41
Megaloop Challenge 2014 : Qualified riders!
Events are getting more extreme by the minute and you know that when Ruben Lenten is behind a contest, it will keep going...
14 Mars 10h34
Ruben Lenten : megaloop over a kite
Throwing a megaloop over his buddy's kite? Ruben Lenten can check that off his bucket list...
05 Février 02h03
Red Bull King of the Air 2014 : BEST OF VIDEO
KiteWolrdWide brings us a first (and very probably not last) version of the huge adrenaline rush that was the Red Bull King...
04 Février 01h52
Dirty Habits: King of the Air riders interview
The Dirty Habit Team decided to shake things up a bit just before the event everyone was waiting for this year, the Red Bull...
03 Février 03h09
Red Bull King of the Air: Long live the new King!
The wind gods have spoken and have crowned a new king of the air: Kevin Langeree...
22 Janvier 00h00
Eyeforce : Showreel
And the Video of the Day award goes to...
17 Janvier 02h11
Hannah Whiteley joins BEST: an extreme girl with an extreme team!
Big news this week: Hannah Whiteley recently joined the BEST kiteboarding team! For most of us, this is quite the big news,...
15 Janvier 02h19
Just in case you were not convinced by Dakhla and its big pond yet, Ruben Lenten might make you change your mind...
10 Janvier 12h18
King of the Air - coming up in 2 weeks!
January is officially Megaloop and high jumps months...
16 Décembre 11h11
BEST Kiteboarding: 2014 Extract
The king of Extreme kiteboarding, Ruben Lenten, has been working on a pro model kite with BEST kiteboarding since the beginning...
14 Novembre 17h16
Red Bull Megaloop Challenge : the video
No need to say much here: definitely the highest extreme action content video today...
16 Octobre 13h21
Mystic : Under the Surface
10 Octobre 11h05
Alex Arseneault : "Little" jump at 70ft
Guys like Ruben Lenten and Jesse Richman opened the way to getting sent off into the atmosphere attached to a kite...
15 Aout 20h47
Red Bull King Of The Air 2013 : Excerpt
The Red Bull King of the Air has for sure made a lot of noise! 6 months later, new clips are out with the big stars of the...
22 Juillet 15h18
The Kite Show Episode 10
Here's a "little" 50 minute video, perfect for fill your Monday lunch break! In this KiteShow, Youri Zoon and Ruben...

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Miss Stance Marissa Dodd
Miss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa Dodd

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