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RRD, Cool SHoe,Prolimit, Waxx

Sébastien Garat
05 Mai 11h55
Marc Jacobs : Profile History
For those who have talk to Marc Jabocs at least once in your life, you will agree that it would be easy to think that he's...
28 Avril 14h53
PKRA leucate: Qualifications and first round
Who says Mondial du Vent says howling wind, that is well known...
07 Avril 15h00
Val Garat : Brazil 2014
Watch out boys and girls, big tricks and carved abs are in fashion! Valentin Garat,  after an end of the 2013 season...
10 Mars 03h54
Seb Garat : KiteNomination !
You probably all saw the boozed up facebook phenomenon that was raging a couple weeks ago, the NekNominations...
05 Mars 07h58
Seb Garat: Now with North Kiteboarding
Here's the news that just shook the whole French kite world: Seb Garat now riders with North...
02 Janvier 22h07
Seb Garat : Mauritian Lifestyle
Life is hard for pro riders...
06 Novembre 15h33
2014 Best TS Overview
This type of video might not be the most "fun" ones per se, but they are definitely filled with important and interesting...
25 Octobre 15h59
PKRA Chine : Big Air Contest video
The Big Air contest is a bit the recess moment on the PKRA...
22 Octobre 17h06
PKRA China: Christophe Tack dominates Day 1
And it's a start for the 6th out of 8 freestyle events of the 2013 PKRA season! Almost all of the top riders made it to...
15 Juillet 11h05
PKRA Germany: Qualifiers
The German stop of the PKRA is happening right now in St Peter Ording and is without a doubt the fattest stop of the tour....
20 Mai 07h53
Slider Party 2013: Results and recap
One pebble in the jetski, 3 injured and 4 parties/hangovers later, the Slider Party is back to its gipsy roots, where organization...
15 Mai 15h17
Slider Party : Day 1 Video and rider's list
And it's a start! The 2013 Slider Party is officially on! For now, the wind didn't quite understand we needed him (or her,...
02 Mai 01h07
Triple S WildCards: BIG last minute batch!
What did we tell you? Well, if you don't remember, we told you that the flow of wildcards was going to increase exponentially...
11 Avril 10h48
Seb Garat: Riding Gwada!
Frenchie lovers, delight: Seb Garat is Back! After a bad shoulder injury, and a difficult start this winter, the Number...
20 Mars 12h08
PKRA Dakhla: Qualifiers results
There was some good winds in yesterday and today in Dakhla for the qualifiers...

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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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