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Country : New Caledonia / Town :

North, Ion, Air France, Nissan, Teri

Tom Hébert
14 Avril 19h11
Tom Hébert : The Grenadines
Tom Hébert start our week on a mellow note, with tropical rhythms...
21 Mars 13h56
Tom's Kitchen: episode 2
Chef Tom Hebert is back with a variety of new items...
05 Mars 08h07
North Kiteboading : Catching Trade Winds
Now here's something that will make you dream of adventure! A part of the North Kiteboarding  team ( Tom Hebert,...
03 Février 03h09
Red Bull King of the Air: Long live the new King!
The wind gods have spoken and have crowned a new king of the air: Kevin Langeree...
10 Janvier 12h18
King of the Air - coming up in 2 weeks!
January is officially Megaloop and high jumps months...
03 Octobre 22h59
North Kiteboarding : 2014 Team Series
After the success of its predecessors, it was obvious that North would come back with the Team Series board for 2014...
13 Aout 10h07
Wet Watersports : Welcome to Tarifa
The North team, in collaboration with Wet Watersports, flabergasts us once again with their crazy kite riders...
05 Juillet 19h01
North Kiteboarding : Tom's Kitchen Episode I
Tom Hebert, ze North Frenchie rider, shares with us the recipe for the perfect old school trick...
05 Novembre 12h50
North Kiteboarding : The New Caledonia Episode
We recently discovered the teaser of the North Team in New Caledonia, and we are happy to bring you now the full edition...
09 Octobre 20h31
North Kiteboarding : 2013 Evo
Finally, it's here! Please welcome the 2013 North Evo and take a minute to listen and watch what Tom Hebert, Angela Peral...
27 Mars 20h32
PKRA Dakhla: T-1
Here we are, in the middle of dunes and camels, where man stopped building and nature is taking over the job (First Dakhla...
06 Janvier 13h57
Kitesurf Glossary : All the tricks explained
You want to know everything about kiting? You want to master all the vocab about tricks? Stanceplanet is here for you!Discover...
18 Septembre 20h49
PKRA Brazil, results of the double elimination
The beach of Barra do Cunhaú experienced an unusual excitement in Sunday, September the 18th...
16 Septembre 22h10
PKRA Brazil, end of the single elimination
On this Brazil Pkra third day, great wind conditions allowed to fulfil the single elimination...
15 Septembre 23h17
PKRA Brazil, single elimination
Here we aree...

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Miss Stance Marissa Dodd
Miss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa DoddMiss Stance Marissa Dodd

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