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Cabrinha, Red Bull, Nissan, Sooruz, Coolshoe, Nature Kite.

Victor Hays
18 Juin 15h37
Stance Digital Mag #2.7 - Now online!
Sometimes, waiting for something makes it even better...
09 Juin 13h55
Slingshot: Victor Hays + RPM
The first reason to watch this video is that you will have the great occasion to hear the Frenchie accent, nearly at its...
16 Avril 13h26
Paul Serin : Coche Paradise, video and interview
The French Champion, Paul Serin, went to Venezuela last winter for a couple good reasons: get blonder hair and ride some...
20 Mars 00h09
Slingshot : Panama Moments
Lifestyle, competition, jokes, pretty girls and big fat action: that's a great overview of the video of the day brought to...
23 Décembre 15h09
2014 Slingshot Apparel: look fresh for the new year
New year = new you?  Well then you sure need some new gear, may be a new haircut and for sure new clothes! Slingshot...
09 Décembre 20h36
Victor Hays: Kebab Connection
Turkey isn't a kite destination we hear often of but it certainly looks like a little kite paradise! Slingshot rider Victor...
13 Novembre 20h46
PKRA China: Day 1
Woohoo! Fresh news from China! Our colleague Clementine Bonzom is at the PKRA China right now, reporting for us (and competing!)...
29 Mars 22h55
PKRA Dakhla : Day 1
On Tuesday, we were talking about the people who wouldn’t make it to the PKRA but today, at the time where the registration...
20 Février 12h34
TOP 5 with Victor Hays
“Totor” is THE Cabrinha rider in France...
06 Janvier 13h57
Kitesurf Glossary : All the tricks explained
You want to know everything about kiting? You want to master all the vocab about tricks? Stanceplanet is here for you!Discover...
10 Octobre 23h00
Red Bull's revival of the battle of Trafalgar
Who does remember Trafalgar nowadays ? We vaguely know that this is something important, but we don't really know whether...
02 Octobre 18h44
Cabrinha and French Fries
That's unusal : the wole Cabrinha gang showing up to test the 2012 gear on our French spots...
16 Aout 11h50
Cabrinha in da french place, part 1
Cabrinha team was out in Northern France (and what North, Dunkerque!) for the 2012 meeting...

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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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