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Kitesurf : Riders
10 July 09h45
Michael Schitzhofer : The Exception Day
We rarely see kite videos shot in Montenegro but it doesn't mean the place isn't worth it! This small country located...
10 July 09h23
Chris Bobryk : NitroCity Clips
Kite, wake, bikinis...
10 July 09h18
Tarifa : Southern Comfort
On top of being a kiteboarding mecca, Tarifa is also a beautiful city, where the lifestyle and vibe seduce the great...
10 July 09h07
Foil Megaloop with Adam Withington
Foils are trendy, there is nothing we can do about it...
09 July 22h06
HB Surfkite : There is no other way
There are no better ways to celebrate than putting together a sweet little video! HB Surfkite celebrate their 2 years of...
08 July 10h31
PKRA Junior : videos and results
The level was insanely high last week in Spain at the PKRA Junior cup and the judges could probably hardly believe what they...
08 July 09h50
Thomas Paris: Shortcut 0.1 and 0.2
Thomas Paris is a productive rider this summer! The Frenchie seem to spend pretty much all his time in the water, one way...
07 July 16h19
Tom Court : A ride to the beach
Canaries Islands are a bit like a second home for Tom Court and a lot of his videos have been shot over there...
07 July 16h07
Airton Cozzolino : Action Glue 2.0
We knew it!! Airton Cozzolino and his borad that never slides away from his feet, HAD to have a secret...
04 July 14h13
Sam Light Triple S Highlights : 1st Place Overall
The big big winner of the 2014 edition of the Triple S Invitational got all his best tricks in one video, for our greatest...
04 July 14h11
PKRA Junior : Single Elimination
While they're waiting for better conditions to finish the competition, the PKRA Junior organizers bring us a nice edit...
03 July 08h00
Cabrinha: Desert Oasis
The Cabrinha team have the recipe pretty dialed...
02 July 16h47
Chris Bobryk : Favorite Trick-Front Tail to Blind
Sometimes, the riders' favorite tricks aren't necessarily the most complicated ones! For Chris Bobryk, it's the front...
02 July 16h41
Craig Cunningham : Makulo - Blaga Park
It's short but intense! Craig Cunningham  show us a very nice way to ride a feature...
01 July 08h08
Nobile Kiteboarding: Eudazio Da Silva
Soma Bay is truly a popular destination amongst the pros this summer, and seeing all the images we get from the pros, we...
30 June 09h13
Yan Valiev : We Don`t Sow. Nobilekiteboarding
The now traditional Rail Masters will take place again this year in Russia and some of the best rail riders in the world...
30 June 09h10
Steven Akkersdijk : Tripping in SA
When he's not doing megaloops, Steven Akkersdjik goes for big freestyle tricks...
30 June 08h07
North Kiteboarding : Rider Profile Craig Cunningham
Craig Cunningham is one of the North riders with the most presence in the kite medias and with reason: the wakestyle rider...
26 June 10h11
Bear Karry: WOO
WOO HOO! Airush Strapless master Bear Karry  is back with a new video of some awesome wave shredding...
26 June 09h45
Youri Zoon : Brunotti 2014
You want to know why Youri Zoon is as strong as he is behind a kite? Well it's of course because of his boars! The Dutch...
26 June 09h41
Kai Lenny : Chasing Maui's Legendary Surf
Have you always dreamt to charge on Maui's best waves? Well we hope the answer is yes, since the Blue Chalk team brings us...
25 June 13h30
Jake Kelsick: Wake'N'Jake Tour first stop - Lithuania
Someone is having a Euro Trip this summer! Tona  and Ozone rider Jake Kelsick  left the warm waters of Antigua...
25 June 13h13
Chris Bobryk: Duel in the Sun
The American Sledgehammer is back with some more big hits...
25 June 11h12
Cabrinha Kites : In the search of the sweet spot
When you're looking for the perfect spot, it's always a good idea to start the search in Cayman Islands...

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Miss Stance: Núria Gomà
Miss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria GomàMiss Stance: Núria Gomà

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